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Soulforce Arts merges art, wellbeing, and societal imperatives. At its core is Soulforce, a profound connection originating from one’s truest self, akin to Mahatma Gandhi’s satyagraha, or “firmness in pursuit of truth.”

Origins of soulforce

A profound sensation of life and interconnectedness, Soulforce emerges when actions align with our innermost truths and desires. More than just an energy, it’s an intimate experience and a state of active engagement with life. Rooted in Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, Soulforce draws from the Sanskrit satyagraha, which means an unwavering dedication to truth, aliveness, and wholeness.


The Soulforce Arts Approach is a comprehensive, holistic arts pedagogy that centers the transformative power of Soulforce in how you create, practice, perform, teach, and make a living as an artist.


Venturing into profound human wisdom through art, the institute guides artists to surmount physical, emotional, creative, and performance-related challenges. Here, artists rediscover purpose, tap into deeper creativity, and contribute positively to our world.


One of the biggest challenges of being an artist is finding ways to sustain yourself while being true to your creative soul. The picture is all too common: you play gigs that don’t feed the soul, you invest countless hours into paintings with uncertain financial outcomes, or you take soulless parts just to climb the career ladder. The financial constraints may cause you to wonder: “Why did I choose the arts?”

Yet, deep within, the answer remains unchanged. It’s that unwavering passion, that brilliance within, known as your Soulforce. What if your means of livelihood not only acknowledges but also amplifies your Soulforce? An aligned livelihood harmoniously brings together your inner radiance, desired income, creativity, community needs, and fulfillment. Dive deep into realm of Soulforce Arts to carve out an enriching, creatively fulfilling, and rewarding artistic journey.

Embark on this transformative journey with Joseph’s courses and the Soulforce Arts Community.

Unleash Your Creative Potential through Physical Freedom

Have you ever felt like your physical limitations are stifling your artistic expression? It’s common for artists to grapple with discomfort, stiffness, or even pain during creative processes. This not only impacts your well-being but can also hamper the free flow of your Soulforce – that vibrant energy rooted in your most genuine truths and desires. 

The Alexander Technique, a century-old method, offers a solution. By focusing on relieving muscular tension and strain, it enables you to rediscover natural movement, ease, and alignment. This doesn’t just relieve ailments like chronic pain or repetitive strain injuries; it also amplifies the conduit for your Soulforce, allowing your artistic endeavors to radiate with more authenticity and power. 

Joseph Arnold, a certified Alexander Technique teacher and Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute, bridges the gap between physical wellness and artistic excellence. He understands the artist’s journey, making him uniquely positioned to guide you toward a harmonious fusion of physical comfort and artistic brilliance.

Learn more in Joseph’s courses and private lessons, as well as in the Soulforce Arts Tribe.


Every artist encounters moments of stagnation, doubts whispering: “I’m not good enough,” or dwindling motivation. These are signs of a deeper disconnection from the vital force driving your art.

Overcoming these challenges with sheer effort or harsh self-criticism rarely restores that lost spark. Instead, it’s about tapping into and celebrating your intrinsic creative life force—your Soulforce. This approach doesn’t just overcome creative blocks: it enriches every aspect of your creative journey, breathing life and depth into your expression.

Guided by Soulforce Arts Institute Director Joseph Arnold, rediscover your unique artistic voice, heal lingering self-doubts, and manifest the pure essence of your creativity.

Dive deeper with Joseph’s courses, engage with the Soulforce Arts Community, or explore private lessons.


In an era marked by climate challenges, political unrest, and economic disparities, feeling overwhelmed is commonplace. As an artist, you might wonder about your role and impact amidst such chaos. Yet, within you lies the powerful strength of Soulforce, a conduit for transformation and healing.
Instead of succumbing to despair, harness the potent energy of your Soulforce. Begin the journey inward, healing personal wounds, thus allowing your art to exude this restored vigor. Your creative output can then act as a beacon of hope, echoing positive ripples throughout society.
To aid in this mission, the Soulforce Arts Approach, coupled with the support from the Soulforce Arts Tribe, equips you with the necessary tools and camaraderie. Together, we’ll traverse this path, healing personal scars, rekindling passion, and envisioning a harmonious world, one brushstroke, note, or movement at a time.

Dive deeper with Joseph’s courses and lessons, or engage with the Soulforce Arts Community.

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