Soulforce Arts Community

Imagine what could be possible if you were surrounded by conscious, purpose-driven artists…

The Soulforce Arts Community brings together conscious artists of all kinds and abilities. Our goal? Help you discover a deeper artistic purpose, create free from blockages, and make a better world.

In the Soulforce Arts Community, you can join a vibrant group of musicians and artists to:

  • Discover your deepest artistic purpose,
  • Revitalize your creativity with the transformative power of Soulforce,
  • Enjoy more fun, ease, and pleasure while taking your artistic skills to the next level,
  • Embody powerful methods for relieving physical and emotional challenges,
  • Make a more fulfilling and profitable living in the arts (for those arts pros among you)…

….and in doing so, will be of the highest possible service to our world.

angeline 2
“As a young artist, I sometimes feel lost. I find the Soulforce Arts Community inspiring because it’s part of a cultural shift in what it means to be an artist. In Joseph’s classes I can really relax. It’s been such a relief to find in Joseph an established artist who can affirm what my heart already knows.”

– Angeline M., Multidisciplinary Artist


  • “I’m tired of high-pressure arts environments. I want to develop my art without anxiety and perfectionism. I want to connect to my heart and soul.”
  • “I want to create something beautiful and meaningful, but doing so doesn’t really fit in the box offered by my parents, colleagues, or arts institutions.”
  • “I want to feel free when I create, but instead my muscles often feel tight, and I can never find a comfortable position.”
  • “I want to be part of a purpose-driven community, but I’m wary of influencers and gurus.”
  • “I’m concerned about the state of the world — but can I really be part of the solution if I’m in my little hobbit cabin, creating art?”

The truth is that all these challenges share a common origin: they are the results of living in a society characterized by alienation, force, and control. The result of artists? Disconnection from your artistic purpose, physical and emotional challenges, and the fear that your art doesn’t really matter.

The answer is Soulforce – the transformative creative energy that comes from facing life’s challenges from a place of wholeness, aliveness, and connection. Infuse. your artistic life with Soulforce and you will discover what your heart already knows is possible: that through your art, you can lead a life of meaningfulness, impact, and well-being.

The Soulforce Arts Community is an incubator of Soulforce Artists. It gives you the tools and support you need to reconnect with your Soulforce in every area of your creative life. As a member, you’ll learn to create the art you were born for, discover new levels of well-being, and connect with like-minded and like-hearted artists.

Make art with the power to create worlds

Ever since I started playing violin at age five, I’ve known that art and music were about becoming more alive. The inspiration, healing, and connection I found in music were a constant source of joy and solace. However, when I studied violin in music school, the high-pressure environment I found there led to injuries in my arms and intense performance anxiety. Then, when I graduated and faced a life as a starving artist, grinding out unfulfilling gigs just to pay the bills, a part of me screamed: “It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

Everything changed when I heard about Mahatma Gandhi’s “satyagraha” – Soulforce. I immediately knew that my purpose in life was to bring artists of all kinds together so we could reconnect to the heart and soul of creativity, heal our bodies and minds, joyfully and sustainably share our art, and thereby make a positive and tangible difference to a world in need. And that’s what we’re doing here in the Soulforce Arts Community!

Lisa 3

“Over the past few years, I’ve often wondered, ‘Where are the artists?’ What I appreciate most about the Soulforce Arts Tribe is that, in addition to the practical skills Joseph teaches, I’ve found a place where my gifts can flourish, and I can receive the support I need.”

– Lisa Y., Writer and Dancer​

There are lots of inspiring books, courses, and content on creativity and the arts. There are even more on spirituality and activism. I know! I’ve spent my life exploring many of these and am grateful for all I’ve learned.

However, while learning about these topics is great, if you really want to embody the profound lessons they teach – and especially if you want to use lessons to help you connect with a deeper artistic purpose – you need community. Here’s the truth about community:

  • Community is the single best way to navigate rapid change and uncertainty, both of which are in ever-increasing supply today.
  • Community is the single best way to build new practices and change habits, which are essential to creating the lives we want.
  • Community is the single best way to pursue results and transformation.
  • Community feels great! A purpose-driven community can provide a needed sense of belonging.

Join the Soulforce Arts Community to revitalize your creativity, enhance your well-being, and create a more beautiful world – together!

Harness the Transformative Power of Creativity
As a member of the Soulforce Arts Community, you get:
  • Access to Joseph’s bi-weekly masterclasses and Q&As on artistic purpose and creativity-enhancing mind-body techniques
  • All of Joseph’s online course recordings – free!
  • Instruction in the Alexander Technique to free your body from tension, open a channel to your Soulforce, and enhance your artistic capabilities.
  • A community where you can showcase your work and receive supportive feedback.
  • Live calls with established artist guest speakers to help you revitalize your creativity.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with fellow community members and expand your creative horizons.
  • Coming soon: Grants given to members whose projects exemplify the core values of Soulforce Arts.

“As an actor, I have long felt tired of taking service jobs in order to survive. I have always felt that a better, more beautiful way must be possible. Being a part of the Community has given me real hope and joy because now I feel like I’m part of the solution. Joseph’s Soulforce vision has mirrored my challenges and given me a sense of community, as well as the practical skills necessary to create a more life-affirming career as an actor.”

Charles the actor
  • You’re ready to make space for and embrace your authentic creative purpose.
  • You’re ready for real transformation in your person life an artistic practices.
  • You’re tired of being limited by societal ideas about who you are as an artist and what your art is worth.
  • You want to commit to 1-2 hours/week of participating in our classes, forum, and other offerings.
  • You wish to connect with other like-minded and like-hearted artists.
  • You want to create a more vibrant, peaceful, and beautiful world through your art.

Introductory Offer

For the first 25 members, an exclusive introductory price of $29/mo (or $290/year) awaits. After that, membership pricing will revert to $39/mo.

Not sure if the Soulforce Arts Community is a good fit?
Everyone gets a free two-week trial. 

Join now to boost your journey to Soulforce!

*Limited scholarships available for those with financial needs. Apply here.

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