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Immerse yourself in the essence of the Soulforce Arts Institute through the words of our director, Joseph Arnold. Delve deep into our mission and understand how we aim to uplift artists and redefine the place of art in our society.

the soulforce Arts Book

SOULFORCE: How to Discover Your Artistic Purpose, Create More Freely, & Make Art That Matters

In an age of uncertainty and turbulence, what role do artists and musicians hold?

Can the rhythm of a tune, the stroke of a brush, or the narrative of a dance birth a more harmonious world?

They can – if they have Soulforce.

In this deeply insightful and moving book, violinist and Alexander Technique teacher Joseph Arnold describes the transformative potential of tapping into your inner Soulforce and channeling it through your artistry to create a brighter, more resonant world.

Pre-order your copy today! Available in August 2024.

Coming Aug '24

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“In Soulforce, Joseph Arnold offers a deeply inspiring and hopeful vision of how artists can enjoy a richer and more fulfilling creative process. He gives a vision of how the arts can bring us to a better world, and he clearly explains and demonstrates how to cultivation of Soulforce can make this happen.

– Raji M., Fingerstyle Guitarist

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The Soulforce Arts Community is a vibrant online community and learning platform designed for conscious artists like you. Engage in enriching conversations, partake in Joseph’s weekly virtual group sessions, and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive content tailored to fuel your artistic journey.

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Courses & Lessons

Dive into online and in-person courses designed for physical freedom, creative revitalization, an artist livelihood aligned with Soulforce, and societal healing through the arts.
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Explore Joseph’s enriching content, including enlightening videos and thoughtful blog posts on the arts, well-being, and the universe.
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The Soulforce Arts Starter Kit – Discover the secrets of creating with Soulforce

What is the role of musicians and artists in a world that’s lost its mind? To create with Soulforce.

Rediscover how to channel your artistic Soulforce with the Soulforce Arts Starter Kit. The Soulforce Arts Starter Kit provides practical skills to weave Soulforce into your every artistic endeavor. 

Immerse yourself in the Soulforce Arts Manifesto, chart your path with the Soulforce Arts Developmental Journey Diagram, and explore your innermost creative purpose in a 30-minute video lesson.
The Starter Kit includes a 26-page PDF containing all the Starter Kit materials, as well as several bonus videos including a guided meditation, key lessons on Soulforce Arts, and a 60-minute lesson on relieving excess muscular tension in your creative activities.
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SAI Starter Kit Subscribe
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