Learning Shamanism for Modern Day Performers (and a Powerful Guided Meditation)

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When you learn ancient shamanic powers as a modern day performer, your performances will gain incredible depth and creative power. You will be able to lead your audiences on an entrancing experience, one that mimics the healing underworld journeys of ancient shamans.
Is learning shamanism only for indigenous peoples? No, because, in truth, all humans come from shamanic roots. We’re all indigenous to planet earth, and so we are all hardwired to benefit from shamanic practices.
In this video, you will learn the connection of modern artistic performances to shamanism, about the two initiations required to become a shaman, and will be led on a powerful guided meditation that will show you your unique shamanic powers. This video will benefit artistic performers of all kinds, including musicians, actors, dancers, circus performers, performance artists, and more.
The book I reference in this video: “The Death & Resurrection Show” by Rogan P. Taylor

00:00 The benefits of learning shamanism for modern day performers

02:20 A powerful quote from a Lokota medicine man

03:10 Have you ever wondered what a performance is, exactly?

03:50 The root of showmanism is shamanism

05:00 Learning shamanism is your birthright, not cultural appropriation

06:00 The two initiations of becoming a shaman

09:40 Guided meditation into the “underworld” to discover your own shamanic powers

17:50 Healing your soul is the essence of both shamanism and deep, powerful performances

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Joseph Arnold Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute
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